A couple of blog entries

Hup EndPoint Hup !

Amsterdam, who doesn’t want to goto Amsterdam? The endpoint conference took place on Friday the 5th of September 2014 in the┬áTuschinski Theater. The venue was amazing and┬áthe Tuschinski is widely recognised as the most beautiful cinema in the world! The conference had two tracks, one in the main theatre and the second in a smaller theatre to the side. Speakers… Read more →

codef : Javascript demo scene :1) Decrunching

Decrunchers Thanks to TotorMan we have 3 derunch functions available. Each of these mimic the operating system in question , Amiga, Atari and Dos: function AmigaDecrunch(DType, MaxBarHeight, StartDecrunchAt, DecrunchMaxVBL) function AtariDecrunch(DType, MaxBarHeight, StartDecrunchAt, DecrunchMaxVBL) function DOSDecrunch(DType, MaxBarHeight, StartDecrunchAt, DecrunchMaxVBL) As you can see each function takes 4 parameters DType, MaxBarHeight, StartDecrunchAt, DecrunchMaxVBL : Read more →

Installing Scout Realtime on Centos 6.4 64bit

  Scout Realtime looks great, have a look for yourself. I’ve been searching for something that will allow me to visually monitor the status of a dedicated server so let’s give it a go. First thing is that Ruby is a requirement. I did a yum install ruby however the version installed is 1.8.7. Scout Realtime requires 1.9.3 as a… Read more →